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The two articles that you requested do not appear to be available through Bailey Library's electronic resources or print journal collection.  You can request copies of these articles through interlibrary loan and the articles will be sent to you electronically. 

To request the articles, go to the Bailey Library website and click on Interlibrary Loan in the left navigation menu.  Here is a direct link to the page:  Click on the link for Illiad to create a free, personal interlibrary loan account.  (Note, to login simply enter the same user name and password that you use to check SRU email).  If you have any questions, contact information for the interlibrary loan staff is listed on the website page linked above.

When requesting your articles, you will be prompted to enter the article titles, authors, journal titles, year of publication, page numbers, etc.  If you have citation information other than what you provided, you will need that information to place your requests.  If these are articles that were assigned by your professor, you may find the additional citation information in your syllabus or D2L course site.  They may also be on electronic reserve, which you can find by clicking on the E-Reserves link in the left navigation menu of the Bailey Library website.  

I used the Bailey Library Discovery Search to look for your articles but did not find citations that match the page numbers and/or titles you provided.  To use Discovery Search, click on Articles/Databases in the left navigation menu of the library website.  Then click on Discovery Search at the top of the page.  I clicked on Advanced Search to find additional search options.  For the first article, I entered the words Four Models of the Physician-Patient Relationship and clicked on Title in the drop-down menu.  I found a citation for the article in JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, from 1992, but the page number begins with 2221.  I also searched for When Should the Patient Know, but the subtitle and page numbers you provided does not match the results I found in Discovery, which is an article from 1981 in a journal called Barrister.   

Again, it appears that you will need to request the articles through interlibrary loan, although it is possible that the articles may be available in your course shell or through electronic reserve.  It is also possible that they could be chapters in a book for your class, given the page numbers.  You may want to confirm with your professor to be sure. 

I hope this helps.  Please just let us know if you have questions. 

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