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Hi Alexis,

If I understand correctly, you're looking for scholars currently doing research in the field of reading.  The best way to do that will be to search for journal articles where they have written up the results of their research.  I tried going into ERIC (which you can find in the alphabetical list of databases).  On the main search page, I typed in "reading" and selected the checkboxes for "full text" and "peer reviewed."  I got about 18,000 results.  Some of them looked like what you have in mind, but to narrow it further, I clicked went to the "refine results" section on the left of the page.  I clicked "subejct," then "show more" and selected "reading research."  At that point, most of the results on the first page appeared to be journal articles reporting the results of recent studies in the field of reading.  If you wish, you can continue to narrow the results (for instance, to "primary education" or elementary education") by selecting additional items from the "subjects" list. 

Alexis, I hope this helps.  Please contact us again if it isn't quite what you wanted or if you have other questions.

--Reference Librarian

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