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Hi again Katie! 


To look for journals that cover fitness aspects of hiking, I would recommend starting with the catalog.  You'll want to try the subject heading "outdoor recreation--periodicals" again, as well as "physical fitness--periodicals."  This time, I don't see a whole journal that is devoted to the overlap between those two subjects, but journals in either of those areas are likely to have at least some articles that talk about the fitness aspects of hiking. 

In addition to using the catalog to find the titles of periodicals and then looking at those journals individually, you can also use databases to search for articles from multiple journals at once.  For this search, I would recommend the database "SPORT Discus"--click"Articles and Databases" from our home page to see an alphabetical list of databases.  In there, you can limit your search to scholarly articles and enter search terms, such as "hiking AND fitness."   

Good luck, Katie, and feel free to write back or stop by the desk again.


Alex Boyd

Instruction Librarian

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