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Hi Kristen,

Periodicals are works that are published on a regular schedule, like magazines, newspapers, and journals.  They are kept in two places in the library.  Recent periodicals are on the first floor.  As you enter the building, pass the circulation desk and take a left.  Immediately to your right there iwll be a row of chest-high shelves, under a sign that says "Journals."  The recent periodicals are there. 

Older periodicals (also called bound periodicals, because after we collect a year's worth of issues, we get them made into a book with a hard cover) are currently in transition.  Their old location was on the third floor.  The new location will be on the ground floor (basement).  Right now, we are about halfway through moving them.  The ones still on the third floor can be browsed; to access the ones that have been moved to the basement, ask at a service desk. 

I am not entirely sure what your professor means by "stacks and microfilm." You might want to ask him or her for clarification.  In the library, we use the term "Stacks" to refer to the shelves that hold the main collection, including both books and periodicals.  The microfilm collection is housed off-site; if you want to use something from it, you can fill out and interlibrary loan request form, and we'll have it brought over.

Kristen, I hope this helps.  Please feel free to write back or stop by if you have any other questions.



Alex Boyd

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