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I would recommend selecting Author from the drop down menu and searching for Guitierez using the author index.

I was unable to find anything in Web of Knowledge for a Kris Guitierez (or even just K Guitierez), but I was able to find entries for K Gutierrez, Kris Gutierrez, and KD Gutierrez.  

I would try searching for Gutierrez K, Gutierrez Kris, and Guiterrez KD.

Could you give me some more information on Kris Guitierez's discipline or specialty?  Web of Knowledge can be very finicky; is it possible the name is mispelled when you are entering it, or Kris only publishes under his/her first initials?

Please write back if you're still not finding what you need and we will try to help more with your search.   


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