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Hi Sarah:

I'd recommend combining the keyword "licensure" with some other keywords relating to "licensure" like accreditation, certification, or education. 

Which database(s) you are using for this subject are very important, as there may not be a lot on recreational therapy out there. I'd recommend starting in Academic Search Complete, but adding the following databases: Business Source Complete, MEDLine, MEDLine with full text, and SPORT Discus with Full Text. You can search all of these databases at the same time by clicking the "Choose Databases" button above the EBSCOhost search bar and selecting an other databases you want to search.

Additional databases you may want to try are in the therapeutic recreation LibGuide, which you can access here.

For your search itself, start by selecting "Advanced Search" then try structuring your search as I've detailed below:

Try to structure your search like this on one line: licensure OR accreditation OR certification OR education

Then add some other keywords on the next line using AND (on the dropdown menu by the second line) I'd try "recreational therapy" OR "recreational therapists") to start. 

You may even want to use the third line (Again combining these with AND) of the advanced search for some keywords like trends, issues, or challenges (or none, or all three).

Once you've structured your search like this, I think you'll find some options that may be helpful. From there, continue trying to use the keywords in the articles.

I couldn't find a ton of articles directly addressing licensure, which is why I added some keywords that are somewhat synonymous with the requirements for licensure.

Let us know if this helps. If it doesn't, and you have any other information on your topic, please let us know. Is it licensure for new professionals in recreational therapy? Recreational therapist licensing requirements? Standards and procedures for licensure? This information will help us help you if the above information doesn't yield some articles you can use.

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