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Hi Nicole,

These are mostly articles or chapters in published books. To track the references, the key is to interpret the citations. Taking your first citation as an example:

Barr,R. (1995). What research says about grouping in the past and present and what it suggests for the future. In M.C. Radencich & L.J. McKay (Eds.), Flexible grouping for literacy in the elementary grades (pp. 1-24). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

You will first have to locate the book Flexible Grouping for Literacy in the Elementary Grades, edited by M.C. Radencich & L.J. McKay and published by Allyn & Bacon in Boston. The reference (article) you cited should be on pages 1-24.

(Unfortunately, the library does not hold this book. If you need to the book, try to get it through our Interlibrary Loan (Illiaid)

Hope this helps. You can locate the other references by "analyzing" the citations, following the above example. Let us know if you have further questions.

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